Seafood Items

Why Should You Eat Seafood?

Not all of us are the ol’ fish and chips-type, but do know you that seafood is the most protein-rich food? Eating seafood benefits your skin and hair. To top it all, it also reduces the chances of heart diseases, a leading cause of death in America.

Our seafood items are not only rich in taste but come with a bucket load of health advantages. Our food is an expression of love and care. The right amount of lemon, salt, seasoning prepares a hearty platter for you. 

Top Up Your Vitamin D Reserves

If you aren’t getting enough vitamin D and you don’t like standing in the sun. Do not worry. Manuel’s Burger has the most delicious solution for you. Eating a fish-rich diet can greatly help you in overcoming Vitamin D deficiency as seafood is by far the best source of vitamin D.

Information Alert! Seafood is the best way to fight insomnia! With enough banking on vitamin D through the abundant omega-3 fatty acids, you get a good night’s sleep. Now turn your cars to Manuel’s Burger instead of a pharmacy. Isn’t it a tummy-pleasing option.

Why should you try our 21 Shrimp Basket?

Our 21 Shrimp Basket is the star of our seafood menu. Relish it at breakfast, lunch, or any time of the day, depending on your craving for seafood. While eating the 21 Shrimp Basket, you could feel a billion flavors in your mouth, making you go for more.

The crunchy delights taste like chicken, only crispier, spiced up with the right ingredients. We use the right flame and right method to preserve their texture and taste, to only make it better.

Why should you try Mojarra Served with Rice, Beans & Salad?

If you love fish and rice, then we have the perfect combo for you! Try our Mojarra Served with Rice, Beans & Salad as it made with best and natural spices to give your taste buds a heavenly experience.