Your Sandwich Hub

Our menu has a stack of a variety of sandwiches that fill you up any time of the day. The two slices of bread unlock a palatable journey. Manuel’s makes the best sandwich in Los Angeles, using ingredients that turn this rusty dish into a luxurious meal.

Our sandwiches hit all the notes to turn this simple bread and meat combo into a tantalizing, wholesome meal. The fresh buttered bread has a sundry of fillings that will get you drooling. They might be an old ride, but has a fair share of twists and turns to make it an exhilarating one.

Chicken It Up

Your hunt for the best chicken sandwich in Los Angeles ends at Manuel’s Burger. The crispy chicken sandwich has chicken fried to perfection nestled between the tempting sauces and piled up with lettuce, tomato, and onions. The chicken does not lose its juicy texture and yet is cooked to every last fiber.

The sliced turkey with a hint of bacon slammed between fresh warm bread with devouring sauces will change your idea of thanksgiving. The golden-brown bread with cheesy insides shatters into juicy, naturally-textured meat.

Best Pastrami Sandwich in Los Angeles

Want to know why Joey from Friends was obsessed with sandwiches? Try out our pastrami sandwich made to Joey’s perfection, and you will know why! The crispy brown bread has thin pastrami slices, mounds of cheese, and tangy dressing that will make you forget any other pastrami you have ever had.

Sandwiches are not about smacking in all the ingredients you could think of between the bread. It is an art that requires a flair for flavors, playing with the right ingredients, creative presentation, and probably Joey’s perfection!

You will find a sandwich of your liking in our menu that will notch up your sandwich eating experience. We set the bar high for sandwiches. You can pair it up with the delicious side meals that make a perfect match for your sandwich. When talking about a sandwich, the only name that pops in is FRIES!