Salad Items

A Nummy Fusion

Salads have never been tastier! Our meal equivalent salad items offer a swooning variety. The great salads are a crave-worthy chop. The enormous bowl of grilled chicken lined with cucumber, tomato, and onions, speckled with a generous amount of iceberg, all topped with a delicious dressing, is an ideal mix.

Treat yourself to our bowl of mixed greens with a gratifying jumble of mixed tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and beans, meated up with your perfect grill. Our innovative additions and sweeping options will renew your interest in looking for healthier eating options.

How We Ginger Up Our Salads

Salads are more than an assortment of shredded vegetables. It is a nutritional stack that needs to be embellished with all the right ingredients to serve its purpose. We at Manuel’s are thus picky about our choices.

Our farm to table salad satisfy our eco-friendly customers who desire wholesome and minimally processed items. Our choice of power-packed veggies ensures a steady supply of Vitamin A. They have disease-fighting power in addition to being rich in omega-3 fats. Protein-rich salads are incomplete without eggs. The add the heartiness salads are known to have.

These indisputable winners serving the health-conscious consumers have become a winning portion of Manuel’s menu card. Try out our salads for a fresher experience. A little bit of all the things makes a salad that is everything!

What Makes Manuel’s Burger’s Salad Best

Our nutrient-packed salads not only provide an organic and healthier option but are a treat for your palate. The salads give parents a chance to turn to their kids to a vibrant, delicious, and healthy lifestyle. The juicy and tangy salad dressings and a balanced proportion of nutrients is a great start to train your children from a young age.

From grass-fed animals, cage-free eggs, to freshly plucked veggies, our salads are nothing but a freshness and power booster for your bodies. We pick the best ingredients that make any salad an instant hit. The crunchy veggies and a dose of proteins perk you up for the entire day to perform your tasks actively.

Add the perfect greens to your life with revitalizing and tempting salads at Manuel’s Burger. The innovative designs by our artisans put together a colorful and savory bowl of salad.