Mexican Food Items

Pasar Bien At Manuel’s Burger

There is no place better to sate your cravings for the best Mexican food in Los Angeles than Manuel’s. With a hint of creativity and a shot at playing with recipes, our chefs have created an enticing combo platter for you to relish.

We offer you a broader selection for Mexican food items that take you to the streets of Mexico! The flavorsome dishes made of fresh ingredients and topped with savory sauces are different from any food you have ever tried. You won’t miss any flavors of the world with the vibrant and wholesome Mexican food.

Our Mexican Food Menu

You are served the best Carne Asada Picada with deliciously seasoned, juicy grilled steak at Manuel’s burger. The final platter is finished by warm tortillas and condiments of your choice. Our Mexican food experts find the best recipes to make your food trip to Mexico last longer than the first bite.

Your Mexican food adventure is incomplete without tacos. A deceptively simple dish, tacos have a lot of backend preparations that go into bringing out its distinctive flavor. We treat you to the most amazing torta to give you a real Mexican experience. Nestled between the buttery buns is a creamy, saucy, and meaty mix that has rich flavors and offers versatility.

Deliciously Healthy

Mexican cuisine comprises of healthy ingredients. Our Mexcian dishes are a perfect balance of meat and vegetables to provide you with the necessary amount of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. The bean and cheese burrito is another example of a high-nutritious meal that Mexican food offers.

Our Mexican food items take you to a flavorful ride where you get to taste both sweet and spicy dishes. If you are a true passionate Mexican cuisine lover, you know where to head! At Manuel’s Burger, we save you from the disservice done to Mexican food.

We Are Open For Drive-Thru and Delivery

Tend to your cravings at any time of the day with one call. Order online to get your Mexican food delivery and relish the most scrumptious and authentic Mexican flavors. You can pick up your choice of Mexican food through our drive-thru service. Enjoy to the fullest but with safety!