Manuel’s Burger Menu

Breakfast and Burgers Menu For All

Make your mornings healthier with a filling breakfast at Manuel’s. Whether you want scrambled eggs, cheesy omelet, waffles, or meat up your breakfast, our artisans have got your covered! Our unputdownable menu caters to vegetarians, meatatarians, sugar lovers, and health enthusiasts. We believe in food for all!

The day doesn’t break unless you are awake! We serve breakfast throughout the day!

Our big jumbo size burgers with whips of goodness will swoon you. You will never have enough of our crispy bacon slices or juicy ham nestled inside freshly baked buns seasoned with sesame seeds. The kicked-up toppings will get you drooling with the rich and luxurious flavor they offer.

Your search for the best burger in Los Angeles ends right here!

Nutrient-Packed Kids Menu

We understand the necessity of choosing only the best for kids. Our ingredients are 100% pure and organic. Our protein-loaded kids’ menu comprises meat and eggs. To make these meals more appealing to the little angels, we juice them up with fries and cheese. No more whimpering and running at the sight of food.

Pick up a different meal every day for your child. The ample choices, along with health, give a joyous ride to the taste buds. The use of pure ingredients and an eye for perfection produce a rightly balanced meal for the kids. Our wholesome meals ensure growth and happiness.

Your Sandwich Heaven

You get the best sandwiches in Los Angeles at Manuel’s. The crispy, melty perfection is a work of art! A concoction of your favorite meat layered up with cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and sauces pressed together to prepare your grab.

These nibblish delights are a great way to hush your hunger cramps with a doze of flavors. Try out our Tuna sandwich with its crusty bun and velvety tuna filling that gives the sandwich a creamy smooth texture. Feel the flavors melting in your mouth, introducing you to divine tastes.

What Makes Our Food Different

It’s not what you make, but how you make it! For us, the use of fresh and pure ingredients is essential. We believe in care for all things nature. Our animals are cage-free and fed with a healthy vegetarian diet. We do not treat them with any growth hormones or slaughter them inhumanely.

At Manuel’s burger, we employ energy-efficient and sustainable strategies. We strive to use eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment. Food is about love and care. We make sure our food making and serving is a journey of kindness, goodwill, and devotion.

Drive Through and delivery at Your Doorstep

Order your favorite savory now as we are open to deliveries or pick up your grab while heading home. Give yourself a delicious break from all the cooking. With Manuel’s, you never have to skip a meal!