Dinner Menu

What’s For Dinner Tonight?

Deciding on a menu for dinner is a mind-exhausting effort yet a repetitive exercise. Manuel’s Burger comes with the most toothsome solution to the dilemma. Our Dinner menu is a striking balance of taste, uniqueness, and a hunt for exotic flavors.

You can try out our salads or feast on the smoky, soft, Bbq ribs that will leave you chewing on the bones. Whether you yearn for the juicy tender honeyed pork ribs baked in the oven or the grilled beef ribs, Manuel’s gets you both!

You Never Skip Meals At Manuel’s!

Our dinner items, along with the entire menu, is designed to make sure you never skip meals. You will never run out of options and find something that will save you from the injustice to your body.  We present you with a broader selection of gratifying food so you can either go light or calm your hunger pangs with a proper meal.

We have the most luscious pork chops you will ever treat your tastebuds to! The buttery seared chops are trimmed with tempting condiments. You can take it all in with a refreshing glass of soda or any other beverage of your choice.

Hit To Every Bit

Our equally filling and tasty side orders are an instant hit among our customers. The cheese fries, pastrami, beans, and rice are the best compliments any dish can get. You can even light up a dish more by ordering the green mix. A bonfire of flavors!

Sugary Endings!

Any meal without dessert is like a cheeseburger without cheese. Try out our waffles with a scoop of your favorite ice cream glazed with maple syrup and showered by pistachios and almonds—a perfect way to end your day.

We also offer you the most creamy and delicious ice cream. Choose an ice cream of your choice, and enjoy the mouth-watering flavors melt on your tongue.   

Order your dinner or pick it up while going home through the drive-thru. Sleep with a satisfied and happy tummy!