Breakfast Menu

The most important and favorite meal of the day needs to be special. It needs to have all the nutrients to power your entire day. Therefore, our meals have all the right ingredients that perk you up. We pair up the smoky, buttery bacon with eggs cooked to your preferred style to ensure a high nutrient quality breakfast. Our eggs-ceptional breakfast menu comprises finding eggs a perfect meaty partner or topping it with generous layers of cheese.

Discover the original flavors with our fluffy Spanish omelet. The eggs are beaten to the right consistency and juiced up with the right balance of potatoes and onions. The most rustic recipe that needs the expertise of an artisan to produce the soft egg peaks and enhances the earthly flavors of onions and potatoes. Whet your palates with breakfast near 90003!

Fancy A Sweet?

Try our sweetmeats for a sweeter day. We have some of the best noshes to give your sweet tooth a roller coaster ride. The freshly made waffles with a scoop of your favorite ice cream topped with whipped cream or caramel sauce will make your day!

Our round and fluffy pancakes are loaded with irresistibly delicious toppings of berries, whipped cream, honey, pistachio, chocolate syrup, and all the goodness you fancy. Try out our scrumptious stuffed French toast that makes you forget the regular French toasts. The strawberry stuffing and drizzle of syrup set a whole new level.

Your Sandwich Master

Our lineup of sandwiches will win you over with a glance. From the delicious melting flavors of cheese and tuna to the juicy, tender steak sandwiches, you will find all at Manuel’s. The roasted turkey pressed together with cranberry sauce, mushrooms, mayonnaise, and hot sauce between buttered bread offer a divine taste. You can’t be drooling yet. We have a long list to go!

Sandwich is a universal food, but at Manuel’s, you get to experience the true essence of it. Our team of learned chefs knows how to turn a simple sandwich into a luxurious meal. Your search for the best bacon and egg sandwich near me in Los Angeles will end at Manuel’s Burger.

Manuel’s Burger, a place where every bite is a delight!