Kid's Menu

A Kiddy-licious Kids Menu

Fast foods cause easy temptations making it difficult for parents to choose a healthier option for kids. Manuel’s Burger has, therefore, put in a lot of effort in drawing a kids’ menu that is appealing to the kids and provides them with health. It is more than just plating out portions of macaroni or simple sausages.

Kids today eat just as well as adults do. While enlisting kid’s menu items, we made sure our younger diners have as hearty a meal as our adults have. Instead of scouring through the menu to select an appropriate meal for your kid, we have pen downed a kids-friendly menu to help you make quicker choices.

A Proportioned Meal for Your Child

Manuel’s has created the best kids menu items that offer meals that are rightly proportioned for children. A child’s meal should not have calories more than 600 on average. Each plate we prepare for your kid has a balanced amount of all the essential nutrients that add up to the required calorie.

Our kids’ menu offers crispy chicken strips, bacon, sausages, and eggs that are great to start the day. The younger guests, too, go for the look of the platter, and a more happening one attracts them. Therefore, we prepare a yummy looking and a saucy plate of pancakes for them to add more colors to their plate.

Training the Palates

The younger ones are in their experimenting age. At such a young age, the palates need to be trained to real food to embed in them a sense of health and well-being. The kids’ menu contains a more protein-rich nosh with an ample amount of other nutrients. To make the menu more zippy, we add cheese and fries with the meals that are a hit among the kids.

Keeping in line with the importance of providing kids with rich and healthier food, we use pure ingredients. All our food is fashioned of ingredients that promote the growth and well-being of children. Our food is cooked from scratch to maintain freshness and preserve the original taste.

Kids Too Have A Choice!

Our range of options for our younger guests is to make them feel welcomed. They can pick their meals from a whole lot of options presented only for them!