Double Burger

Double Cheers to Double Happiness

No one can beat LA’s obsession with burgers. The overwhelming richness of the greasy, juicy hamburger, or the sweet n sour taste of perfectly caramelized onions snuggling up to the layers of cheese toppings is divine. We at Manuel’s Burger know exactly how to feed your obsession with a taste so good you wouldn’t get enough of it.

Our double burger adventure is an exhilarating ride of heavenly flavors that last up to the crumbs. The two-fold burgers capture the true taste of each ingredient and double it up. We have an extensive burgers menu for you to savor each!

Double’em Up

Manuel’s is meat lovers haven! From chicken chili burger to ham and bacon, you get all here! These are glazed with tantalizing sauces mixed with melting cheese slices. A firework of flavors in your mouth! An absolute love is the bacon cheeseburger. It is a delectable that comprises a beautiful concoction of bacon strips resting upon patties of fat-speckled chuck grilled to medium-rare.

The broiled and grilled beef patties double between blankets of cheese and mashed avocados, giving you a chewy and scrummy experience. If you are a pure cheese-type person, try out our simple cheeseburgers. The cheese wraps around the slab of meat sitting atop crunchy lettuce, paired up with tantalizing condiments to ooze deliciousness.

Your Perfect Burger Retreat

You can find a savory of your choice to pair up with your double burger. You can load your plate with fried to perfection fries. The crunchy surface hides a fluffy interior that notch up your meal with a crisp! The salty crisps acquire the perfect golden brown color to complement your double delight.

We at Manuel’s Burger, play around with foods to capture the most authentic flavors that feed your ever growing love for these sloppy mounds. Check out our vast burgers menu to choose a burger of your liking and devour it down to the last bite.