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Manuel's Burgers

Welcome to Manuel’s Burgers! We serve a variety of foods that bring together all of the flavors in Los Angeles. We serve American & Mexican style dishes, as well as traditional diner foods. Every month we feature new recipes and dishes from the LA area.

Come on in today and taste one of our featured dishes or a traditional favorite!

Delish To Relish​​

Holding onto the barely-held-together whacking hot meaty deliciousness is divine. Bite into the juicy and tender layers of the enormous patty wrapped in saucy goodness at Manuel’s Burger. We know how to gratify your craving for burgers using our freshly picked ingredients and magic recipes.

Put a stop to your burger pangs with the best burger place in Los Angeles. What makes our burgers tempting is our selection of pure and natural ingredients that not only enhance the flavors but also give you healthy options to eat.

Come on in today and taste one of our featured dishes or a traditional favorite!

Hearty Mornings

Our menu offers you a wide variety of delicacies to devour. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast of your choice. Boost your brainpower with a scrummy and fulfilling meal to spend a productive day. With Manuel’s wide breakfast variety, you look forward to daybreaks.

A filling breakfast will end your habit of eating at odd hours and give you the maximum proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Our breakfast menu comprises cage-free eggs, fish, chicken, bacon, fresh buns, and a lot more that soothes your palate and keeps your body healthy and happy.

Manuel's Burgers Delivery Menu Photos by Ron Mariano Photography

Making Fast Food Healthy

Our fast-food galore is one you can get hooked to without second thoughts. Our meals are perfectly proportioned to ensure you get to taste exotic flavors and not miss any of the nutrients. Our farm-to-table ingredients do not require us to use processed materials that will be harmful to your health.

Customize your pick with toppings of your choice that give you more control over what you eat. We do keep count of calories and prepare our platter accordingly. Manuel’s Burger is your go-to fast food place in Los Angeles.

Salad Land

Ever heard of a salad Land? Manuel’s Burger salad wing takes you to a vibrant land where you find all the vegetables paired up with your choice of meat cuttings. The light and refreshing salad can be consumed at any time of the day. They are delicious, healthy, and appealing.

The salads are seasoned using the ingredients that delicately balance the sharp and blunt flavor profiles. The crunchy munch is thus made richer and crave-able.

Chicken Club Sandwich Combo

Blending Goodness

Playing around with flavors is our forte. We know how to strike the right balance of flavorings to trap your palate in a flavor-flecked black hole. With an unparalleled culinary grace, we use spices that uplifts even bland flavors and compliments broader savory.

Place online orders or pick your order from the drive-thru to enjoy fresh, tasty, and rich food at Manuel’s Burger.

High on Taste Low on Budget

Manuel’s Burger has an ideal atmosphere so that you can enjoy your meals peacefully. The great variety of foods that we offer come at reasonable prices. Whether it is the juicy BBQ ribs or simple scrambled eggs, we don’t compromise both on health and quality. We make the flavors of Los Angeles accessible to all!